Diary of a new engineering team lead: How are you really?

I have the goal of writing one of these posts every month. I published the first at the very start of April and if I manage to get this written up and posted in time I might just squeak it in by May’s end. Technically meeting my goal, right?


Diary of a new engineering team lead: Origins

I’m about to make the transition from senior engineer at a remote SaaS company to first-time Team Lead. I’m starting a new series today that I hope will be useful to people who might be in my current position at some point in the future.

This entry is the classic origin story of how I became interested in team leading; a reflection on the eve of officially moving into this new role (and on some level, new career).


Diary of a three-day fast

For background on my fasting journey, experience and ideas, please see this post. As outlined there, my rough plan for 2021 is to fast one day a week and three consecutive days a quarter. As it’s only the second time I’ve done a three-day fast (it being nearly the end of Q1 2021), I thought it might be interesting to document it here.

Fair warning: People are interested in how bodily functions change and adapt when fasting for a prolonged period, so I’ll address that. I won’t go into graphic detail, but if you don’t want to read about bowel movements maybe skip this post.

I’m going to keep you abreast of any drinks I have, except water. Assume I start each day with a big helping of water, and continue to drink plenty throughout the day. I don’t want to combine fasting with dehydration.


My fasting background

I’m no stranger to fasting. I started the way most people do, with a “no breakfast” 16/8 (hours of fasting/hours of eating) approach popularised by Martin Berkhan’s Lean Gains movement when I was more of a meathead in my early twenties. It was thrilling to me to feel like I’d taken the red pill and seen through the crazy lies of “Big Breakfast”, unshackling myself from the madness. There’s an intoxicating feeling of superiority that comes from looking around your crowded commuter train at the sleepy occupants and patting yourself on the back for your restraint and self discipline, fuelled by your own fat, mannnn.


Life as of September 2016

Welcome to my new, beautifully clean and tidy blog (and website-at-large)!

Weird as it might sound, I’d reached a state of low-level anxiety about the messy (lack of) visual identity for my previous effort. I toyed for a while with designing and building my own WordPress theme and then regained my senses – this is the place I write not the place I develop, and if I meld the two it would give me an excellent excuse to never write another bloody word!


The continuing education of a developer (or this one, at least)

Continuing education developer

One of the simultaneously most annoying and best things about being involved in technology is how fast it changes, and how much continuing education is, or at least should be, a factor in every programmer’s life.


My new favourite word, or, Going Dutch


I love words. It’s (ironically) difficult for me to describe just how much I enjoy the feeling of selecting the right word for something, or the right series of words to convey a feeling or point. Creativity thrives with constraints, and for a writer there is no constraint more obvious and more important than that of the words you have to play with.


You may not have considered… #2: Juggling

Juggling for health and exercise and coordination

It’s been a while since I regaled you with reasons to try Ultimate Frisbee – and I hope those of you who needed something did give it a spin (ha) – so I thought I’d hit you with another one. For the people who aren’t big fans of team sports, this one should be a treat.


How Pixar saved my life

A wave crashes over the reef (on the right side). The halfway rock is nearly covered by the high tide.

Sorry about the delay on this post. I thought I had a few scheduled to post automatically and somehow messed that up. Back to normal programming now I hope!

A few weeks ago – on the eve of my 27th birthday – I was working from home. My housemate Jerome had put on a big wash of bedclothes and our combined laundry while I was at the gym and when I came back I thought I’d return the favour by sticking around to hang it up and air it out. By the time it was all sorted, it didn’t make much sense to waste time heading to the co-working space and I resolved to get some stuff done at home.


Setting goals, creating systems, a.k.a taking bites out of those pies in the sky

The last post became far more of a monster than I intended, so I promise I’ll do my best to keep this one leaner. Unfortunately this is a topic I’m pretty interested in and think is super important – I can get carried away!