Me, Rory, pointing at... honestly? Nothing

Just off-screen is the super-compelling reason you should want to visit this site.

I’m a redhead. Possibly the most orange-tinted writer in this corner of the internet.

I’m a legendarily slow eater, and perennially over-optimistic about time and how slowly it will pass. This is Not A Good Combination. Particularly when I’m due at social things. I am working on my grasp of time, thanks to a pep talk from a wise man and lots of encouragement from a very special lady for whom lateness is a Bad Thing.

I’m an Irishman with an accent that has been described on a spectrum from North American to “posh” Scottish thanks to time living in various parts of Ireland and England, as well as a stint on Gran Canaria.

No matter where people think I’m from, my lack of good diction and a tendency to try to speak as fast as I think means I’m always a struggle to understand. I have a very distinctive way of saying “yesterday”, apparently.

At some point I gave up on too much of that speaking craic and gave in to my love of writing, whether it’s slinging code around or hammering words out for stories and blog posts.

I’m a web developer with over ten years of experience on teams in the startup world, a writer nearly from birth (check out my first self-published book, which got me onto the radio and prompted the discovery of my radio voice, something I have been searching for ever since) and an athlete (currently without an actual sport).

I love to make things that are helpful, entertaining or plain ol’ fun. Preferably all three.

I believe in spending time on the people and the activities that you love most, working hard and laughing often.

Oh, and dogs. You’ve got to have dogs.

Right now I’m…