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Hello beautiful/handsome readers!

Some of you may or may not know that one of my many interests lies in personal finance. Of course, we’re all interested in our own personal finances, and rightly so, but what I mean is that I try to keep up on the latest trends (big influences being luminaries like Mr. Money Mustache and Ramit Sethi) and experiment with my own for ill or for, hopefully, profit, in an attempt to maximise the efficiency of my money management and hopefully come up with some things to help others do the same.


Going nomad

In this post I intend to explain something I’ve hinted at plenty of times in the last few weeks but somehow not properly gotten around to writing about yet. In short, I have left my rented apartment in Dublin and headed for greener (debatably), warmer (definitely) pastures and embarked upon a new lifestyle as a “digital nomad”. What? Exactly.


Slowing down time

In today’s post, we’re going to develop super powers. Well, one power at least: the power to slow down time.

Most people feel, as they get older, that time passes more quickly. Blink and three months is gone. Scratch your nose and two years have flipped by. It’s an awful feeling when some annual event–like your birthday or Christmas (hello, timely post!)–comes around and you think “Bloody hell, already? Where did the time go?” Today I’m going to share my experience with trying to beat that feeling.

And I’ll try to be brief, because hey, time is short!


Adventures in diaphragmatic breathing

I have a confession to make: I used to be a mouth-breather.

Oh, I wasn’t the worst of all time–I don’t think anyone really noticed besides me–but I was definitely guilty of it. I’m not sure exactly when this began, but I realised about six months ago that, aside from when I was sitting there doing absolutely nothing, I would default to breathing through my mouth and into my upper chest. I partially blame childhood asthma that went undiagnosed for a long time and even resulted in me developing a hunch (which thankfully I did catch and correct at the time), but truth be told, I think it was habit combined with laziness.


Your body on compound interest

Thanks to The Rock for ably illustrating the effects of compound interest on your body, as well as decades of entertainment. I could watch that man read the phone book.

People who’ve known me for a while will know that I’m a big fan of personal finance-type stuff, and a big believer that if people managed their money better they’d be much happier. I love the concept of compound interest – money building on money in a way that means all your euros and dollars and pounds are making lots of little euros, dollars and pounds together, that then grow up and have little monetary babies themselves, continuing the cycle. (Wikipedia has a better explanation of what compound interest actually is, but mine is more fun.)


You may not have considered… #1 – Ultimate (Frisbee)

I harp on a lot here about everyone being able to — and owing it to themselves to — find at least one physically demanding activity that they can enjoy. In line with that, I thought I might start periodically highlighting a few good physical pursuits people can try.

Today’s activity, and the inaugural activity of the series, will be… Ultimate (Frisbee)!


Building a better, more stable wagon

Last week I talked about how to salvage things and get back on the wagon if you happen to fall off it. While useful, it would be even better if we could limit the chances of slip-ups and provide a softer landing when we do, perhaps even creating a more powerful wagon while we’re at it.

Today’s post will be about a few strategies we can employ in order to make this happen. Let’s get to it.


You’ve fallen off the wagon, now what?

You don’t have to be in the exercise game long to experience the dreaded fall off the wagon. You turn around one idle Thursday afternoon and realise that you haven’t seen the inside of a gym since… Well, you aren’t sure. You had that after-work drinks that went on a bit longer than intended and there was no point sacrificing sleep the next day. Had to miss that session, but you’re sure you intended to make it up. And then a few days ago you had your boss in the next cubicle – couldn’t really risk a set of toilet squats with that kind of audience.


Essential home training equipment

Pictured – my dream home gym setup

Although the main focus of Everyday Exercise is not on hardcore strength training, I do feel very strongly that having a solid strength regime you go to 3-4 times a week is a Very Good Thing for everybody to implement.


Relax, you can’t fail at this

A query I didn’t see coming when I released the book was from people worried about the effect on their sanity that the tactics and strategies I propose in the book could have.

The worry was that, in an already stress-filled, information-overloaded modern life, people would be giving themselves yet more to worry about, yet more things they should be doing and have to beat themselves up about when they inevitably fail once or twice (or repeatedly, like human beings tend to do).